Sew Gateful Week Resources: Calculator

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For those of you who are quilters, this may be old news. For dressmakers…well, I’ve never seen any dressmakers besides me use this handy calculator, which just seems a shame. So I thought I could share by letting everyone know about this awesomeness…It does FRACTION math. I don’t particularly want to spend my life figuring out ‘5/8 inches plus this’ or ‘that minus 5/8 inches’. And I usually get it wrong when I try, even though I’m a math geek. I love math, but can’t seem to do any fraction math when I’m in the heat of a sewing battle. So, this little calculator helps me out. It also does things like ‘add 1/2 yard plus 12 inches’ or ‘5 1/2 yards plus 10 meters’. Super handy.

2014-02-26_08-51-13_64If you are a quilter and haven’t heard of this calculator…well it’s even better news for you. You can figure out yardage for your squares, calculate how much sashing or binding you need, what you need for backing, etc. It takes a bit of manual-reading to get all that figured out, but the manual tucks into a pocket in the back of the calculator, so it’s always handy.

So, there you go. If you are really interested in this sewing resource, both of the links below would be a good place to purchase. Then you could live a life where you never subtract 5/8 inches again.

Quilting Calculator from Amazon | Quilting Calculator from Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest