Tiny projects

Well, it has been quite a while since I have updated you on my projects. I have done a tiny bit of hand sewing since my last post. Here’s what little has been going on:

DSC_0012I had been given three adorable tiny bibs for the baby at our shower. Unfortunately, our baby was not one to cutely emit a tiny dribble occasionally. No, nope. He was a veritable waterfall of drool for months and months. We needed large, functional bibs that could withstand lots of washing. So I cut the binding/ties off the necks of the adorable bibs, layered them on top of each other, and hand sewed new binding/ties over all three so that we end up with one large bib. I’m really happy to say that this hand sewing has gone through multiple washing machine cycles and is doing fine. In fact, you can probably see staining on the bib in this picture…proof that this thing is being used a lot in real life.

DSC_0007Next, are a few little toys that I made up. I noticed that the baby liked to play with latches, so I grabbed some latches and ribbon and straps from the fabric store and simply hand sewed them together. This is hardly worth talking about, but here’s a picture in case you are interested. This project was not very efficient as far as cost goes…I don’t think I would do it again unless I already had the pieces to refashion from something else. But it was fun to make something for the kid and he still plays with them. And the sewing is holding up…so it’s a successful make.

I’ve just started working on a project that is a little bigger…although still not as big as a piece of clothing. I’m not ready to put the time and effort into clothing until I get a bit better at this machine-less sewing.