Tiny Activity Blanket

DSC_0001I have had one opportunity to get out my sewing machine and make something since the tiny person came along. I was so excited. I knew that I wanted to start with something simple since my time was limited, I hadn’t been sleeping, and it had been a while since I had sewn anything. So I decided to make a tiny activity blanket for the boy. I wanted something that had high contrast colors, some textural interest, and some bits for his tiny fingers to play with. This blanket is about 18 inches square(ish). The front is a checkerboard quilting cotton with a red button. The back is chenille with tabs and loops from a checkerboard ribbon and another red button.  The binding is just a pre-made satin blanket binding.

DSC_0002Although, the whole point of this project was to have something easy I could do in limited time, it turned out to be much more difficult than I planned. Chenille is not easy to sew (I had no idea) and I spent almost all of my precious sewing time trying to troubleshoot that. I eventually sandwiched the chenille with swedish tracing paper and then sewed. Then I ripped the tracing paper off. This worked well. You can just barely see in the picture that there is some quilting holding the layers together. The plan was to have a lot more of this, but time ran out due to the chenille struggle.

The second problem was the binding…I managed to completely mess it up and was left with no binding when my time was up. The tiny blanket languished on the to-do pile for a long time waiting for more sewing time. Eventually my mom took pity on me and took it home and put the binding on with her machine. Thank goodness for moms.

The boy does like the blanket, so I would call this a successful result, if not a particularly stunning piece of sewing.


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