Jalie 2805



This is my first attempt at a tshirt sew…Jalie 2805. I really wanted something that fits better than RTW tshirts, so I spent a lot of time doing drafting changes. I first tried to do a cheater FBA by extending from one size to another at the bottom of the armscye. This was a bad choice for my body (I’ve since realized why). After the bad cheater FBA, I went back and did a real FBA with slicing and sliding and all the hoopla. It worked a bit better, so that’s what you see here. I cut the neckband on the wrong grain and didn’t bother to reinforce the shoulder seams…two little problems that bug me every time I wear this. However, I made this about a year ago, and I wear it a lot. It’s always the first one out of the laundry. It’s shrunk a bit in the laundry, but luckily, I have also shrunk since I made it, so we are still a good match. I would say it’s a semi-successful make.

After this shirt I cut out a lovely purple knit to make another. I worked really hard on that draft with sloping shoulder adjustments and forward shoulder adjustments and a different type of FBA. I had so many adjustments, I had to keep track of it all on a several pieces of paper. Then I started sewing and my machine just ate the fabric. Huge hole right in the middle of all those shoulder adjustments I had tried to make. I spent several minutes staring at the fabric. I spent several minutes thinking about all the adjustments I had made. I decided I don’t want to work with a pattern that requires so many changes. I grabbed all the fabric, all my adjustments paperwork, all the pattern pieces…the entire pattern, in fact…and walked out to the recycle bin and tossed it all in. It felt really good to be done with that project.

So, I’m done with Jalie 2805. On to new things.



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